Ubuntu, operating system more secure by the British Government.


k3mbH The British government has published a report by little, ubuntu is the most secure operating system to the end user that Canonical has echoed.

The CESG, Communications Electronic Security Group, following the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), one of three Government British intelligence services, was evaluated and compared 11 desktop and mobile operating systems through 12 categories, including: virtual Private Networks (VPN), disk encryption, authentication, policy updates where Ubuntu has surpassed all classification systems, including windows and Mac OS X.

Ubuntu is the only operating system requirements that went without “significant risks”. Even from the perspective of security with a specific purpose: public administration.

In fact, the points in which the Canonical system weakens are not shortcomings, but by lack of an “independent audit” – by rate it somehow – that evaluates the software. Something Canonical is already working.

Here you can see the report and the systems evaluated Taule

So gifts Ubuntu operating system very safe both in the government and will be in business.

See if companies, governments and bodies of our country to start operating systems based on Linux, we save a lot of taxpayer money and win in safety.


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