The value of money


Since man there has always been forms of money or exchange, and people with greed for power and money.

Think that money is just that, money, and has the value we want to give.
Money gives us the means to live and to have material goods.
We are in a society that has gone mad with money, and have lost human values.

value of money
value of money

How many times It has been said that the first is the person? and how many times these same people have left others in poverty or with limited resources?

Everyone is behind this well, even it kills so that it can get. Incongruous, everyone who has it hides, and hides that he has.

What value would the money if we were on a deserted island? many millions would do if we could not afford?
We need others who have something we need so that it can buy.

In our society should be worth more money invested in other people, that we could have ourselves. Of course we need money to live, but how much do we need? We can live with the delicacies and the finest luxuries, or with just enough.

All this is a matter personal..o maybe not !!!, because the more you want to have, more is need and the fact of wanting more, often leaves others without this asset.

There are Courses of all kinds are even taught to manage emotions, but what we need are courses that teach manage the money  more equitably because the money is a good, that man still knows not to share.

What I wonder is that Western man lose their health to make money, then lose their money to restore their health.
And by thinking anxiously about the future does not enjoy the present, so live neither for the present nor the future. And live as if they had to die … And never die as if they had never lived. (Dalai Lama)


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