Storybook a dream come true or an orphan software


Everyone should write a book, plant a tree and have a child, if you heed this wise saying and writing the book do not know where you want to start investigating and use storybook.


Storybook is a tool to organize all the elements of a book series, play, etc … history in its constituent parts: people, places, scenes individual strands, secondary discussions, ideas, chapters, etc. .. This way you can easily build your book. Storybook defines and configures each element on its own, which does all the work much easier, allowing you to have a clearer view of the structure of his book. It also allows you to have several active projects.

Storybook have grammar corrector in different languages. This works perfectly soft that it seems that a project will not have updates from the year 2012, as I said before still works this soft, I wanted to try the pro version of payment and is not active.

Storybook is a very good software probably a mistaken strategy does not give the expected return to their creators and abandoned the project.

To install  storybook in Ubuntu you download -.deb packages of this website and the install:
For users of Windows from here:




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