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Life gives you surprises, life gives you surprises, as in the song this is the story of Alicia Ramos and her Workset project, the place to connect the hospitality industry with service professionals and staff.

Alicia Ramos is a 28-year-old girl born in Puente Genil (Córdoba) who grew up between the kitchen and the bar of the family bar run by her parents. As she reached the beer shooter on a box of coke, she began to serve her first drafts. Restless and creative from a very young age, her parents’ bar was the setting to create “her works of hers”: every Christmas and Easter she assembled with paper, cardboard and empty medicine boxes, recreations of the Nativity scene, of steps and other Easter figures; no detail was missing and, above all, the “can of will” was not missing either, with which she took out a few euros for her piggy bank.

Registro workset

In her mid-teens, her parents transferred her family business and little by little she put aside her artistic sense, heading towards the business branch.

It was not until the summer of 2016 when she made contact with the hospitality industry again. After completing her studies and taking advantage of the opportunity offered by relatives in Platja D’Aro, she moved to do the summer season and put the rods and jugs into practice again. In love with the Costa Brava, she decided to settle permanently.

After learning and gaining work experience in different sectors, especially in the commercial area, accompanied by constant training both in this area and in the business area, little by little she aroused her interest in the world of entrepreneurship.

The new knowledge acquired, together with all the information available on startups, digital business models, at the same time as verifying the difficulty of finding professionals for the hotel industry and living in an area whose economic engine is mainly tourism and the hotel industry, were forming the idea of ​​what Work Set is today. Then it was the beginning of 2020, shortly after the pandemic broke out and the idea was kept in the drawer, although not forgotten.

At the beginning of February 2022, after the worst of the sixth wave but with good prospects for the recovery of the sector, she launched the website trying to help start up all the businesses that reopen for the season.

With more than 3,000 restaurants on the Costa Brava, and more than 15,000 in Barcelona, ​​the demand for services to cover, as well as for personnel, is very wide.

From the web (, the bar, restaurant or hotel can search the directory of professionals for the service they need, see their contact details, social networks, and assess their experience through the review functionality. In addition to the directory of services, access is offered to a pool of candidates seeking work, as well as the possibility of posting a job offer.

In short, a single space to find everything the hospitality industry needs, giving visibility to all the professionals who work in the same sector indirectly.

In a few words, what exactly is a workset? Work Set is a startup that creates, through a website, a direct channel to connect companies/freelancers (lamp repairers, renovation companies, cleaning services, telecommunications, digitization, etc.), and qualified personnel (kitchen staff , room, bar, cocktail bar, etc) with the hotels and restaurants of the Costa Brava, Girona and Barcelona.

A professional search engine created for the hospitality industry.

The website where you can find professionals specialized in services of all kinds, as well as staff for your teams

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