For the Christmas vigil gives books according to a beautiful Icelandic tradition.


Soon we will live the Christmas holidays, good and hopeful parties, we will appreciate gifts with samples of gratitude. Sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable gift for these holidays, solving these difficulties I recommend following a tradition, a beautiful Icelandic tradition, which combines holidays with literary pleasures.

The Icelanders have a tradition that is highly recommended to continue, Christmas nights are given books among them and share hours of nighttime reading. This custom is so deeply rooted in Icelandic culture that is the reason for Jolabokaflod, or “Opening of the Christmas Book“, where most books are sold between September and December preparing Christmas offerings.

The Icelandic publishers approach this custom as a “trigger at the start of the career” of sales. With a population of only 329,000 inhabitants, the small Nordic island is extraordinarily literary. They love reading and writing. According to a BBC article, “The country has more writers, more books published and more books read per inhabitant, than elsewhere in the world … One in 10 Icelanders will publish a book.”

I asked an Icelandic friend, who thought of this tradition, surprised me again.

“I had not thought of this fact, like an Icelandic tradition, special. A book is always considered a good gift, at least by my fellow citizens, and we are very proud of our authors.” Even with the increase in e-books, in Iceland they love more paper books than in the United States. According to a bookseller “A book in traditional format, it’s a great gift

This marvelous tradition is perfect for a winter afternoon and I would like to incorporate it into my family. Giving precious stories to read, embarking on the reader. Sharing reading at the cozy Christmas afternoon, combining love for literature and the family.

As for the great publishing exits, I would like to help you to choose a couple of books, very different from them “El roba rosas” and “Palamós, l’ultim Bosc(h)“. I hope you enjoy them.


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