“El roba rosas” from the writer Elena Porras Sanchez


A story of the moments and feelings that we left in the past. But, especially of those who accompany us in memory, throughout our lives.

The book passes the summer of 1992 in the city of Barcelona and the Jjoo de Barcelona have just finished, when four young Londoners, together with the mother of two of them, head enthusiastically to the Costa Brava. Place, where you will enjoy a long-awaited vacation that, without a doubt, none of them will ever forget.

Discover, what is hidden in “EL ROBA ROSAS

The writer of the book “El roba rosas” is a birth in Girona, resident in Platja d’Aro, in the heart of the Costa Brava. Elena Porras Sanchez was always restlessness to write, but in 2008 she was encouraged by the experience of an injustice to publish a first book “Paga y calla !!” published in 2010. It is defined as a citizen of the world, committed to the land where he resides. She observes his fellow citizens to give life to the characters in his novels, she herself point out the human being as “the being where dreams are born.”

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