Clitoral mysteries, keeper of the secrets of female pleasure


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Of all the organs, the clitoris is the only one with a sole purpose, to provide sexual pleasure for women.

Is a organ formed by a visible part, the glans, measuring between 0.5 to 1 cm and a trunk, not visible, measuring between 25 and 35 millimeters and between 3 and 5 mm wide. In the excited, and received a large blood flow, an erection occurs of the same, increasing its size. It is larger than the penis, so women need more time to be excited, is the time it takes the corpora cavernosa, which are in fill with blood.

Unlike the penis that has 4000 nerve endings, the clitoris has over 8000 and don’t decays in muscle tension, therefore the woman can have multiple orgasms.

For centuries, the clitoris has been a great unknown.

The story has long been interpreted through the male gaze. The anatomical studies have been reluctant to consider female sexuality.

Historically, sex act was considered only for breeding, at most used for the exclusive pleasure of man, and was available to give the woman some preliminary, but only with the idea of ​​”prepare “for vaginal coition, they took it for granted that both women and men, could only get sexual pleasure with vaginal penetration. Big mistake !!!

The influence of Freudian thought
Freud claimed that women were only able to achieve an orgasm Clitoria were childish, had failed to mature. In our days still continues to drag in some circles, this false belief in the distinction between vaginal orgasm and clitoridià. The vast majority of women need stimulation that accompanies coition to achieve orgasm.

Until the late twentieth century the Australian urology Helen O’Connell has been a pioneer in studying the anatomy of the clitoris means of modern science with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), this study had been made of the penis on years 70s. O’Connell was published in 1998 and reported his findings to the medical community about the true global scope and size of the clitoris. anatomia clítoris

In 2009 French researchers Pierre and Odile Buisson Fold gave the medical world first full 3-D scan of the clitoris stimulated. This work lasted three years without funding. It has been demonstrated how the erectile tissue of the clitoris and surrounding the vagina widens something in medicine that explains what we once considered “vaginal orgasm” is actually an internal clitoral orgasm.

The female orgasm

It is not only the clitoris or vagina. It is much more complex and involves the work of a multitude of nerves, tissues, muscles and reflexes and mental effort.
Given that no two people are alike, we may find that some women can orgasm just thinking, others can reach orgasm only through the contraction of the pelvic muscles so …. so what works for one woman does not necessarily work with another.

I wanted to give my thanks to the researchers Dr. Buisson, Dr. Földes and woman Dr. O’Connell to lead the way and to achieve a better understanding of this organ of female pleasure


Nuri Paradeda

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