FFmpeg is a very powerful, free software tool, it can be used to record, convert and stream audio and video. This software includes a library of codecs, libavcodec. FFmpeg is developed in GNU / Linux but can be compiled in most Operating Systems including Windows. FFmpeg is a very simpleRead More →

Palamós, l' ültim Bos(h)

Palamós, l’últim Bosch, is a book of Poetry, the first in Catalan of Esteve Bosch de Jaureguízar, known as the physiotherapoet. The Poetry of Esteve is a social denunciation, a palpable carnality, uses lyricism as a sharpened ax against everything that society makes what us crisp. Esteve Bosch de JaureguízarRead More →


Soon we will live the Christmas holidays, good and hopeful parties, we will appreciate gifts with samples of gratitude. Sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable gift for these holidays, solving these difficulties I recommend following a tradition, a beautiful Icelandic tradition, which combines holidays with literary pleasures. The IcelandersRead More →