FFmpeg is a very powerful, free software tool, it can be used to record, convert and stream audio and video. This software includes a library of codecs, libavcodec. FFmpeg is developed in GNU / Linux but can be compiled in most Operating Systems including Windows. FFmpeg is a very simpleRead More →

Palamós, l' ültim Bos(h)

Palamós, l’últim Bosch, is a book of Poetry, the first in Catalan of Esteve Bosch de Jaureguízar, known as the physiotherapoet. The Poetry of Esteve is a social denunciation, a palpable carnality, uses lyricism as a sharpened ax against everything that society makes what us crisp. Esteve Bosch de JaureguízarRead More →


Soon we will live the Christmas holidays, good and hopeful parties, we will appreciate gifts with samples of gratitude. Sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable gift for these holidays, solving these difficulties I recommend following a tradition, a beautiful Icelandic tradition, which combines holidays with literary pleasures. The IcelandersRead More →

The habanera, a musical style peculiar-called “round-trip” which has its origins in the nineteenth century in Cuba. The Indians brought, the name by which it was designated to people in the late eighteenth and throughout the nineteenth went to “Making the Americas.” As Cuba’s Havana has highlighted especially amid otherRead More →

20 keys to live without anxiety We live in a stressful society, full of problems and competitiveness in both the personal and professional life, so we can produce stress and anxiety. Here I present some solutions.Read More →

value of money

Since man there has always been forms of money or exchange, and people with greed for power and money. Think that money is just that, money, and has the value we want to give. Money gives us the means to live and to have material goods. We are in aRead More →